In recent years, there has been an increase in the amount of waste generated by the increasing world population, increasing agricultural activities to meet the food and clothing needs of this population and industrial production. Uncontrolled storage of wastes, infiltration into groundwater, creating an environment in which diseases and pathogens and other pests develop, and the release of greenhouse gases cause harm to the environment and human health. Instead, these wastes, which cause important problems, can be converted to compost or biogas by microorganisms and can be considered as a raw material that can generate more economic added value than garbage. The utilization of wastes in this way will contribute to the closure of the current energy deficit in our country, to reduce the dependence on external fertilizer requirements applied to the lands, to increase the decreasing productivity potential of the soil as a result of intensive agricultural activities and to reduce environmental pollution.


* Plant and animal organic waste, anaerobic (airless) based on the fermentation, high energy value, is a flammable gas mixture.
* It is an alternative to natural gas with methane gas content of 55-60%.
* Direct energy can be obtained by burning heat, CHP (CombinedHeatPower) engines as a fuel can be used as a combination of electricity and heat energy production can be realized.
* Biogas is a gas mixture consisting of CH4, CO2, H2O, O2, H2S, N2, NH3, CO gases which are released as a result of fermentation of all kinds of organic and waste materials or produced energy plants in anaerobic (airless) environment at a certain temperature.
* Organic waste subject to fermentation can be used at the end of the process as a very valuable organic fertilizer in agricultural production and soil improvement.
* Environment friendly
* It is a renewable energy source
* The final product is organic rich fertilizer
* Provides cost-effective waste management
* Allows the development of rural areas
* Reduces the emission of greenhouse gases
* Creates new employment areas with industrial development.